Studio Policies and Information for School-Age Students

(Adult Students Please Contact Me For Policies)

*Lessons are $75/30 minutes, $100/45 minutes and $125/hour. During the school year, lessons are divided into 2 semesters. Each semester is paid for up front.  Payment plans are available.
* Each student will be allowed 1 make-up lesson per semester. This lesson will be made up at your regular lesson time during the make-up week set aside at the end of the term. “No-shows” will not be made up. Missed make-up lessons will also not be made up. Lessons that I miss will be made up or credited. You may choose to be on the “swap list” and exchange lessons with another student on an occasional basis if you have a conflict beyond the 1 missed lesson. 
* Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you. Once your scheduled lesson time is in place, I expect you to give it priority. Because my schedule is full, I will not be able to accommodate requests to reschedule or make up any lessons beyond the one explained above. 
*No refunds or credits will be given after the second lesson of the term. Lessons are non-transferable. 
*Parents are welcome to view lessons on an occasional basis, but not as a rule. Singing is personal, and there is an important bond that occurs between a student and teacher in voice lessons that facilitates the learning process. Students are more receptive to instruction and less inhibited when parents do not remain in the studio for their lessons, and I am a better teacher when I am not interrupted or distracted.